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Media Release
2 February 2024

About 250 Australians Attempt Suicide Each Day – Mainly Healthy Young Females.
Of those that die from suicide, 75% are male and 25% are female.

Clinical Associate Professor David Horgan, the founder of the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation has released the “Prevent A Suicide: What to Say” App. The App supplies medically approved messages which in effect give concerned individuals and the community a safety net to immediately wrap around anyone close to them who mentions suicide. The person’s safety can become a shared effort involving both the community and professionals.

Dr Horgan said 40% of all people will have contact at some time in life with a person who has attempted suicide. Suicidal ideas are due to emotional pain and may be brief or go on for weeks or longer. 3 million Australians have had strong suicidal thoughts. (ABS).

“Establishing a connection using our messages on the App with a family member, friend, or workmate to let them know you are there to help them can save their life.”
Suicide and attempted suicide are the commonest causes of death and injury in our country at any age between 15 and 45. They are more than twice as common as car accidents as a cause of death and injury. (Australian Bureau of Statistics; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).”

Dr Horgan said the fear of not knowing what to say or being frightened of saying the wrong thing is the commonest response when suicide is mentioned, posing a barrier in the fight against suicide. (Resolve Strategic Survey 2023)

Having direct free access to the “Prevent a Suicide What to Say” App twenty-four hours a day through a computer or mobile phone is a major advantage for people and can be easily shared when suicide is being discussed.

The “Prevent A Suicide: What to Say” App is available 24/7. No training is requiredThere are no signups which ensures total privacy.

Dr Horgan said with the shortage of medical specialists and other professionals the “Prevent a Suicide: What to Say” App fills an important role to immediately assist patients and families in need of information and assistance.

The associated website is Multilingual.

Download on App Store: “Prevent A Suicide: What to Say

Download on Google Play: “Prevent A Suicide: What to Say

Clinical Associate Professor David Horgan, MB, BCH, BAO, DPM, MRCPSYCH, MPHIL, FRANZCP, FRCPEDIN, MD Founder, Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation, is available for interview. He is based in Melbourne and is available for interview on Zoom.

Media Enquiries:
Contact Ron Smith OAM, Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation
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to arrange an interview with Clinical Associate Professor David Horgan, the founder of the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation

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