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Suicidal ideas that are becoming more frequent or stronger are a bad sign.

Thoughts of suicide can be brief or go on for many weeks. A suicide attempt can occur at any time.

Lots of texts from lots of family and friends are protective. Save a life…send a text.

Some people find it too hard , or are too sick , to follow advice , or the ideas sent in text messages.

In the face of significant risk, professionals need to be involved.

Please be aware that medical research shows that a person (especially a male) who has previously attempted suicide in the past is at 100 times the risk of death from suicide in the future, compared to everybody else.

It is far better to let a professional intervene (together with your ongoing support until all is well) than have you as a non-professional alone trying to deal with a potentially fatal illness, which is the commonest cause of death and injury to Australians under the age of 45, male or female (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

There are a number of other ways to help a family member or friend who is suicidal.

Here are FREE services ready to help.
YOUR ongoing messages will assist also

Here are FREE services ready to help.

Your ongoing messages will assist also

1 ONLINE CHAT SERVICES which can give advice to you or to the suicidal person (listed here), and Lifeline’s Text service.
2 TELEPHONE CRISIS LINES which can give advice to you or to the suicidal person (listed here)
4 EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS or some GPs where you and the suicidal person can go

Crisis situations

If life is in danger call 000 (Ambulance) or a CATT team.
If you are worried , then act on your instincts and call for help.

Insisting on Getting Help

Please do understand that emotional pain and depression try to convince the suicidal person no one understands, and no one can help. Or they may claim to feel fine suddenly so that you will stop intervening in their plans.

Sometimes (ideally with support from others who are concerned also) you have to insist strongly on ignoring such statements, and bring the suicidal person to professional attention, or call a CATT or PET team (see below), or call your nearest emergency department for advice. Insist on getting

Insist on getting help : you are there to help your friend or family member when they cannot think clearly or rationally for themselves

Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CATT)

To find your local CATT or PET team, ring your closest major public hospital or the number below. These teams can come to a person in distress or at risk, or arrange to see them in a local hospital. They can also offer professional advice by telephone.

ACT — Mental Health Triage Service.
NSW — Mental Health Line.
NT — Northern Territory Mental Health Line.
QLD — 24-hour mental healthcare.
SA — Mental Health Triage Service.

TAS — Access Mental Health Service.

VIC — To find your local area CATT team, go to “Adult Services” at the top of the page on
WA — Mental Health Emergency Response Line

Online Text and Chat services

This is a way of accessing suicide prevention help while being able to stay anonymous, although they may require your email address and/or mobile number (but not your name if you prefer that).


Call Crisis Support 13 11 14 (24/7)

Text Service Noon-Midnight 0477 13 11 14

Chat Service 7pm – Midnight.

Non-English Language Lifeline Access: 131450

SuicideLine Victoria:  Available 24/7

Telephone. 1300 651 251

Online Chat and Video Chat


(Online 9AM to 1AM Melbourne time) For young people age 12-25

Kids Help Line

Free 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.

Beyond Blue

(Online 9AM to 1AM Melbourne time) For young people age 12-25

Suicide call back service

Online (chat or video call) counselling 24/7. An email address is required

Mens Line Australia

Phone to talk with a counsellor anywhere, anytime.

The Samaritans

8am – 8pm West Australia time zone

Open Arms

For veterans and their families 24 hours 1800 011 046

QLife (3PM to midnight)

Provides nationwide telephone and web-based services to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people of all ages.

More Online Help in Australia

A listing of online services

International Online and Telephone Help Directory

Includes help lines in your language

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*Important Disclaimer: Our texts are approved by those who themselves had suicidal thoughts, and by medical and other mental health professionals. This site is medical information only, and is not to be taken as diagnosis, advice or treatment, which can only be decided by your own doctor or mental health professional.


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