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From a suicide attempt survivor

… shown the “Prevent A Suicide: What To Say” App after he survived

The app is quite a good safeguard for anyone to have to look after others and those close to them. It is very simple and efficient to use, with pre-planned responses that can be sent with a click, but also be edited for personal touch. It has varying options on what to say, how and different mental health topics. I think “What To Say” is a great tool to manage your friends and families well-being, as well as it being useful if you ever need it yourself. (Received Sep 2023)

Dr Cynthia Borg

Dr Cynthia Borg

Clininal Psychologist

‘In Tough Times Text’ is an engaging and easy to use website which appeals to adults and adolescents equally. The content is a one stop approach for answering difficult questions that individuals may face around their own thoughts of suicide, or thoughts of suicide experienced by their loved ones. This website is an empowering resource that pragmatically gives a step by step approach to managing an incredibly hard time in anyone’s life. In an age where social media and such forums predominate, this is a simple but cutting edge advancement that reaches out to anyone and everyone, those that can pay for a service or not, potentially saving lives. ​

Dr Mary Kaspar

Dr Mary Kaspar​

Clininal Psychologist

Fantastic. Innovative and groundbreaking. This is the information we have been waiting for. The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation provides practical, specific and timely steps people can take to save lives.​

Dr Rebecca E Adams

Consultant Psychiatrist

This website is a life saver. I believe it will save lives, many lives – and it probably already has, only a few weeks after its inception. In easy-to-use and borrow quick text-size chunks, the family or friends of someone in deep trouble can use this website to know what to ask and what to say. In so many critical moments, or when a person fears that a loved one is very down and could be contemplating death, almost everyone is afraid of saying the wrong thing, or not having words to say at all. This website gives people many ‘right things’ to text/say, and many wise words to text. This is empowering – a breakthrough in grass-roots mental health care. And it comes at a ‘tough time’ for so many people world-wide. I will be recommending it to everyone — to the families and friends of those who suffer from suicidal thoughts or depression: to other mental health professionals: and to patients themselves, so that they can help their loved ones know how to help them. 

Tony Stevenson Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

Tony Stevenson​

CEO of Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

This is a practical easy to access resource that gives people the words they need to talk to someone they are worried about. It goes beyond explaining why it is important by providing 100’s of text options you can select from and send via your phone and supports people throughout the entire process. We also love that the texts have been medically approved so you can have confidence that what you are saying will be helpful. Everyone should have this in their phone as we know that sending a text can save lives!

Pat McGorry

Prof Pat McGorry

Australian of the Year 2010

Suicide prevention is more important than ever as the shadow pandemic with a global increase of 25% in anxiety and depression surges across the world. This is a timely and practical resource that guides people in how to talk to people who may be struggling. This is complementary to our own #chatsafe initiative at Orygen which is tailored for young people. 100’s of medically approved text options are provided and can be selected and sent via your smartphone. We should all have this app and website at our fingertips to help us to save precious lives. 

Anonymous Senior Figure

I have been so busy that I’ve only got to see the site in full. It is terrific. I am unable to give it an endorsement because of my position but I am more than happy to circulate the link at my work which has 150 mental health professionals inclusive of lawyers, psychiatrists and other mental health clinicians. Life is precious and any contribution to maintaining it is important work.

*Important Disclaimer: Our texts are approved by those who themselves had suicidal thoughts, and by medical and other mental health professionals. This site is medical information only, and is not to be taken as diagnosis, advice or treatment, which can only be decided by your own doctor or mental health professional.


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